Pledged Candidates

We Want to Enable Candidates to Stand for the City Election 2020

CRG is not a political party. It is simply an all-party group of citizens who want to see accountability and democratic openness come to the City of London. We don’t have a membership and so we don’t select candidates.

How can you be sure that we are an all-party group?

These are the people who spoke at our campaign launch:

Rt. Hon David Davis (Conservative MP)

The Revd Giles Fraser

Pula Houghton (Which?)

Rt Revd Adrian Newman (Bishop of Stepney)

David Pitt-Watson (Royal Society of Arts)

Simon Walker (Institute of Directors)

The CRG has no party line; we simply ask that candidates ‘take the pledges‘ – a set of commitments that recognise the unique role the  Corporation plays, while seeking that it maintain standards which would be considered absolutely normal and unavoidable in any other local authority in the United Kingdom.

We do not seek to turn the Common Council into a party political battleground but it is time for some genuine debate, some genuine questioning and the transparency that results. We are thrilled that 21 pledge-taking candidates are contesting these elections.