About The City Reform Group

The City Reform Group is a group of citizens who are coming together to help ensure that the City of London is governed to the highest standards.

We are not a political party and will seek to work with those of all political backgrounds and persuasions who want to bring greater transparency and accountability to the City of London.

Our focus is on the City of London Corporation’s election for the Common Council which is to be held in March 2020.

We aim to support and work with any candidate for that election who signs up to a set of seven Pledges. These Pledges constitute the minimum standards to be expected from an elected official in a modern authority. However, we believe the process of publicly debating and taking the Pledges can help to build accountability and good governance within the Corporation.

We will encourage everyone who is eligible to vote in the 2020 election to exercise their right to vote.

We will seek to create open public debate in the run-up to the election and to ensure that the voices of all those with an interest in the work of the Corporation are heard.